Sunday, September 15, 2013


Dear One, In forming personal opinions, don't get caught up in the injurious practice of rigid thinking. You are not Me and you do not know everything. Rigid thinking, whether political or religious or social, will lead to a fall because rigidity is a form of pride, thinking that you are always right in your opinions and assessments. When you are rigid in any area of life, there will come situations and circumstancss which will convince you that you are not right in your thinking, but instead you are judgmental and unmerciful. Jesus taught that the merciful person will obtain mercy and the judgmental people will obtain judgment. Merciful thoughts will produce people being merciful to you, introducing heaven into your life. Judgmental thoughts will produce people being judgmental to you, introducing hell into your life. That happens because mercy is from Me and My family; judgment is from the devil and his family. Plain and simple. Rigid people will become broken and depressed because they made gods of their own assessments (judgments)of people or situations. They will be grossly disappointed in life because their own opinions were proven wrong and usually hurtful to others. When you choose to be flexible and fluid in your opinions, you will always be eager and ready to be educated by Me in My actions of goodness and kindness. You will become flexible in your political opinions, your religious opinions, your expectations of others, and your acceptance of people the way they are rather than wanting them to be the way you think they should be.
When you choose to be flexible and fluid, then you will not become easily upset, easily angered, easily judgmental, easily opinionated and easily condemning. Your motives become pure when you are fluid and flexible, always seeing the best in others and always refusing thoughts of judgment and condemnation of others. Become like the willow tree, always eager to sway in the wind, always refusing to judge others as if you were a god. There is a good earthly saying, "Who made you judge and jury?" Keep that thought in your mind, that you are neither a judge nor a juror in political and religious beliefs. Instead, become what I want you to be, always ready to believe the best about someone. Become merciful, like Me, rather than judgmental, like the father of evil. The rigid oak tree can be broken by a strong wind. The willow tree sways with the wind and remains intact. Merciful people remain intact. Judgmental, opinionated people become broken, jeaked up by their roots. I want you to become love in the earth. My Holy Spirit endeavors to help you become love in the earth, projecting My character as My child. Love, God Matthew 5:7-8l; Luke 6;36-37; Ezekial 17;5-6; Isaiah 1:29-31; Amos 2;9; Isaiah 44:2-5; Ephesians 4:12-16;

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