Thursday, September 26, 2013


Dear One,
I created My children with a desire to care for their possessions, a love for work in order to provide for their families. It is even said if you don't work, you don't eat. That is plain and simple truth. However, there are some of My children who have a demonic spirit of sloth and slack. They want to slack off of work, letting other people do the work for them. That demonic spirit has been passed down to them from their parents and their parents' parents, all the way back to the Garden of Edan when demon spirits were allowed to enter the earth through Man and curse the earth, making it difficult to till and produce necessary crops to feed My children. Today, that demonic spirit in people will seek every way to entice someone else to do the work for them. That curse is normal for some people. It's centered in the lack of hope. You must realize that those people have to be reprogrammed to enjoy work and to realize that they gain self respect for their working efforts.

There are others of My children who have a spirit of productivity that comes from Me. It is the joy of those children of Mine to work, a joy in being productive, a joy in providing for their families and a joy in creating easier ways to produce. That spirit of provision is inherent in the families of some of My children. You should have mercy for the people who have inherited a slothful spirit from their parentage instead of a productive spirit. They are blind to the fact that it is a demonic spirit which takes away their desire to work. One of the benefits of having My Holy Spirit is to be freed from the slothful, slacking demon. My Spirit desires to free all of My children from bondage to demonic spirits, including the slothful, slacking spirits. Pass that truth on to others, that they can be freed from all demonic spirits which curse them. Without My Spirit and His ministry of destroying the works of the devil in the lives of My children, it is impossible for a person to be freed. When you are tempted to judge people who have sloth spirits, think about the boulder that is in your own eye instead of the splinter in the eyes of others. Think about the times you have sown confusion, strife, discord and judgment in the lives of others which came back to curse your own life. Think about your being slothful in your prayer life, in your ministry to the poor, slothful in your giving to the hungry, the widows and the orphans. Think about the times you were also slothful in my following My command to spread love to every person you meet, even those who are slothful. Be merciful to the people who have inherited a slothful spirit instead of being judgmental and condemning toward them. That mercy comes from My spirit of love in you. Then offer to them My Spirit of productivity which will free them from poverty. Love God Genesis 3:17-19; Deuteronomy 15:7-11; Psalm 112:9; Proverbs 19:17; Psalm 22:9-10; Proverbs 28:27; Matthew 19:21-24; Matthew 23:23-24; Luke 19:8-9; II Thessalonians 3:8-15; Matthew 5:7.

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