Monday, September 16, 2013

TRUE WORSHIP - Dear One - Sept. 9, 2013

Dear One, You should appreciate the loyalty of your family and friends. The ones who are emotionally supportive and physically supportive bring you great joy. In reflecting upon that, you can only imagine My joy at your loyalty to Me. It is thrilling for Me to observe your dependence upon Me and My gift to you of My Holy Spirit rather than only depending upon earthly wisdom which never suffices. When you observe your own children using a gift that you have given to them, it thrills you that your endeavors to please them are useful and appreciated by them. It's the same way for Me when I see that you are appreciating My gift to you of My Holy Spirit, My promise as Jesus called Him. It took many years of prophesy for Me to implement His availability in the earth to be breathed into My children as their own private helper, deliverer, protector, wisdom, teacher of truth, giver of joy, extender of mercy and fulfillment of unconditional love. Jesus had to pay the ultimate price in order for My children to receive My promise to all of My children, the power to be saved from all evil in the earth. I am thrilled at your determination to seek Me and My wisdom as delivered to you through My Spirit. It makes Me elated when you depend upon Me and trust My wisdom, your being convinced that My help is far above what can be found in the earth. The realization of true unity between Us is the reason I created the earth and created My children, to satisfy My Father's heart. When your children ask for your wisdom and insight in matters, you are elated. So am I. I want My children to be free from the devastation caused by evil in their lives just like you want your children freed from the prisons of ignorance of spiritual matters which influence everything in the earth. My delight in your loyalty and dependence upon My solutions to every problem give Me great joy because I know that you trust Me and trust My insight into all matters. I said that you must worship Me in spirit and in truth. Your dependence upon My Spirit and the truth as given to you through My Holy Spirit are the ultimate form of worship in the earth. There are multitudes of My children who worship Me in rituals and celebrations who do not worship Me in spirit and in truth. My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. Drawing on My wisdom, insight, love, joy, peace, mercy, faith, goodness and kindness are the ultimate form of worship because that dependence draws upon My entire being, which is the unity that I desire between us. Remember that to emulate a person is the highest form of worship. When My children know Me intimately and emulate My love to others, that is the worship that thrills Me because they have developed into a reflection of Me, My image as it was in the beginning. My Father's heart is thrilled when one of My children comes to Me for My wisdom and insight. Now, that is true worship. Love, God

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