Saturday, May 25, 2013


Dear One,
     You know the truth about fear, that what you fear will come upon you, just like it did with Job.  There is evil strategy behind the fact that fear attracts to itself the things of which you fear.
     Fear has power, negative power.  Behind all negativity is destruction.  The power in a person's fear is necessary to bring about the devil's planned destruction in any circumstance.  The destruction needs the power within a person's fear to accomplish its mission of destruction.
     So, in other words, where there is no fear, there is no power to destroy.
     As you have also found out, I need faith to work in the earth.  There needs to be belief in a person before I have permission to do My work in a situation.
     It's the same principle, fear gives permission to evil to do its destruction because the person is believing in the destruction through constant negative thoughts. 
     My children should not give their power to evil to destroy their lives, their families, their prosperity and their health through negative thoughts which are images of destruction, which tells evil beings that they can carry out their strategies which lead to destruction.
     Instead of cooperating with the devil through negative thoughts of fear, which allows him to bring the very things you fear into reality, reverse the destructive plans by having faith in Me, allowing Me to heal, bless and create good things for you.
     When fear in you meets the father of fear, the devil, there is 100% agreement, and where two or three agree a thing is established because the negative power is multiplied, not added.  One attracts a thousand and two attracts ten thousand. 
     When faith meets Me, the Father of Blessings, there is 100% agreement, and where two or three agree a thing is established because the positive power is multiplied, not added.  One will attract a thousand angels working in your behalf and two in agreement will attract ten thousand angels to work in your behalf.
      It's beneficial for you to agree in faith with Me that I will be your provider, your protector, your shepherd, your glory and the lifter of your soul.  Change the negative thoughts to positive, faith filled ones and watch the blessing flow into your life.
      Love, God
Job 1:1-5; Job 3:25-26; Romans 8:15-17;Philippians 1:7; Hebrews 13:6-8; I John 4:18-19; Leviticus 26:8-9; Joshua 23:10L Psalm 3:3.

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