Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Dear One,
     Sacrifices were important under the old covenant that I had with a nation through which the lineage of Jesus was to emerge.  Sacrifices were a way to rid oneself of the guilt that comes from sin. 
     Under My new covenant with all people, there are beneficial sacrifices to be made.  Those are related to the sacrifices under the old covenant and they are for your benefit.  Those sacrifices are many.  They are the sacrifice of hurt feelings, the sacrifice of abusive words, the sacrifice of cruel actions, the sacrifice of any wrong that you have do to anyone or that anyone has done to you.  The difference in the absolution of the old sacrifices and the new sacrifices is that now My children put the offences against them and the offences that they have committed onto Jesus because that is what He became when He was sacrificed on the cross, the propitiation or payment for the sins, trespasses and iniquities of the whole world.
      My children can sacrifice those offending actions was forgiving them.  Forgiveness is making a sacrifice, putting the offence onto the cross with Jesus and considering them paid in full.  Jesus died for all of the offences that people do to each other.  The sacrifice has already been made so that forgiveness can be your motivation rather than vengeance being your motivation. When you can forgive, then the burdensome situations will be erased from your mind just like it was already erased from My mind because the punishment has already happened and the offence has been erased.
      The only way an offence against you can continue to exist is if you refuse to forgive the person or the people who committed the act.  The same thing is true about your own offensivee actions.  The only way they can continue to exist, along with the desire for punishment, is if you refuse to forgive yourself.  When you sacrifice something you give it up, something that you own. So when you forgive someone or yourself, you give it forward to Me, making it part of the sacrifice that Jesus made which means that it is wiped out.
      An offence, whether your own or the actions of others to you, will become a burden, weighting you down.  Giving them to Me, or sacrificing them, puts them on the back of Jesus, the Burden Bearer, who said that His burdens are light.
      When you can forgive everyone for any offence, you can love unconditionally because there is nothing to hold against anyone.  You are free of burdens, free to be My loving child who hold no offence against anyone.
      Freedom is easy.  It involves forgiving or giving forward anything that is a burden to you. 
     Love, God
Matthew 12:32; Romans 12:1-4; I Corinthians 5:7-8; Ephesians 5:1-4; Hebrews 10:10-17; Colossians 3:13-15.   

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