Friday, May 10, 2013


Dear One,
     A key to having a peaceful mind is given in My Instruction Book.  The key is to keep your mind stayed-on or fixed on Me.
     When there are cares, worries, conflicts and confusions that are occupying your mind, you can change channels in your mind to one where you replay wonderful things that I have done for you or for someone else.  The key is to go over and over in your mind the wonderful situation that led up to the blessing.  Go over the memories in your mind detail by detail and you will have your mind fixated on Me instead of replaying again and again the troubling circumstances.
     I can more efficiently work in the situation when your thoughts are on My abilities because you are not sending out static energy from your thoughts which will interfere with My work in your behalf.
     Another method is to sing songs that glorify My works in your behalf.  You can go over and over the words of worshipful songs in your mind and attain the same success as replaying My works in your behalf.  Those thoughts also help you keep your mind fixated on Me rather than fixating on the events relating to the problem.
      Another way is to meditate on My promises to you, ones that relate to your present situation.  In doing that, you will build faith for a good result in your situation.  Faith will flood your mind rather than anxiety flooding your mind.
      The human mind is one tract.  People can only think about one thing at a time.  When your mind is fixed on the good and great things that I do, when you meditate on My promises or when you fixate on the words to a praise song, your mind cannot  meditate on the problems that plague you, which only increases the problem.
     Cast out images of worry, defeat, contention and strife from your mind and replace them with images of My wondrous works in your behalf.  Then you will have perfect peace, the peace that passes understanding.  Your peaceful mind will aid in the culmination of also bringing peace to the troubling situation because a peaceful mind speaks of hope and faith.
      Commune with Me rather than communing with the problem.
     Love, God   
Isaiah 63:3-4; Philippians 4:6-8.
Photo compliments of Kennede Hull

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