Friday, May 17, 2013


Dear One,

     Help is always on the way!
     I said that whoever calls upon My name will be saved.  That is a universal promise.  All it takes is calling on My name and help is immediately on the way. 
     Remembering that I am not in some distant galaxy, that  I am merely a dimension away in a spiritual dimension which is adjacent to yours, then there is faith in you that My help is speedy and efficient.
     Love rescues and protects people in need.  I am Love and I am Mercy, so I rush to help those people who are in need.
     Call upon Me; I am near.
     There is no human understanding of My eagerness to rescue you and set you upon My Rock of security and stability.  There are no human words to adequately describe My eagerness to save you from all evil, no matter what the cause.
     My angels are poised and ready to snatch you out of the clutches of your spiritual enemies who had led you into destruction.
     Trust Me.  I have the necessary resources to accomplish My mission in your behalf.
     Again I say, call upon Me for I am near.
     Love, God
Psalm 99:6; Psalm 116:13; Lamentations 3:55-58; Romans 10:13; Isaiah 65:6-13. John 6:66-69.  

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