Sunday, May 5, 2013


Dear One,
     To have a truly fulfilling life in the earth, you must refuse to take on any burdens. 
      Jesus taught explicitly about that.  Remember, He said to consider the lilies, that they neither toil nor spin and that I take care of them.
      When you take on a burden you toil day and night, trying to figure out how to fix the situation and the people.  Well, dear child, it's not your burden.  The burden causes you to spin out of control mentally, losing your peace, your love and your joy.  When that happens you become a child of the circumstances rather than a child of mine.  When you are living as My child, you will not toil and spin, you will do nothing until you hear definite plans that I institute, if any are required of you.  Praying and walking in My Spirit of love are the first requirements.  As long as you are toiling and spinning, I cannot work in the situation because you have assumed the position of savior in it.  Your toiling and spinning are saying to Me that you have no need of My help.
       Jesus said that His burden is light, meaning when you give the burden to Us, that We can bear it easily because we know the right solutions.  As long as you think that you have the right solutions, Our intervention is not required.
       Jesus always said that you must not let the cares of the world affect your attitudes.  There will always be cares in the world because there are people who, at the leading of satan, delight in participating in strife, wars, disagreements, dissension, ones who enjoy chaotic situations.  When you join in agreement with them, you inherit the seeds of strife, wars, disagreements and dissensions and your life becomes chaotic.
       If you truly have faith in Me, you will walk in My love for all people and you will pray for all people and you will let Me do My miracles in the every situation.
       If you will be honest with yourself, in most difficult situations you don't have the human power to change them into good situations anyway.  You need My supernatural help to correct them.  I am your only hope.
       To have a mind free from cares, worries and problems will be a utopia because you have faith that I am your problem solver.
       Cast your cares upon Me, I care for you.
       Love, God
Matthew 6:25-34; Matthew 13:22-23; Romans 13:12-I4; II Corinthians 12:20; James 3:16-17; Peter 5:6-7. 

Photo from the Rose bush my husband Steve gave me.....       

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