Sunday, May 26, 2013


Dear One,

     There is a reason that the devil uses the spirit of religion to accuse Me of being a father of wrath.  The reason is that the devil can then enslave My children with fear of Me for the rest of their lives, fear of punishment, fear of making mistakes and fear of death. 
     Religious people do not know that I am true Love, wanting to save you from evil.    
     The devil, himself, is the father of wrath . I threw him out of My heaven because of his rebellion and desire to pollute My heaven.  The only wrath I ever had was toward the devil who always endeavors to destroy My children and everything that I created.  There is no wrath in Me toward My children.  There is only divine Love.
     When My children choose to obey the devil's temptations, then their decision has its own reward, which is the wrath of the devil who hates My children and hates Me.  Getting back at Me through destroying My children is his primary focus. 
      When the devil can entice enough people into strife, debauchery, discord, killing, stealing, jealousy, conflict, condemnation, judging and all of his other tricks, then he can rain destruction and death onto them.  You have seen destruction and death come to people because of their actions.  That destruction was not caused by Me.  It was caused because My children listened to and obeyed the voice of destruction, the devil, who was just waiting for My children to obey His temptations so that he could afflict them in many, many ways.  Often the afflictions don't come immediately, but they will come because the devil is relentless in his mission to destroy.
       The devil wants to destroy everything that I created, primarily My children who are the apples of My eyes.  He also wants to destroy My earth that I created as well as destroy My children who are the owners of the earth to whom I gave it. 
       My primary efforts in your life are to destroy the works of the devil, to save you from the effects of any obedience that you give to him. 
      Jesus died that My children would receive My Spirit into their lives to give them the truth of the fact that your battle is never with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers, which are the devil and his demons.  Only My Spirit can open your spiritual understanding as to who is your enemy.  It is not Me. 
      I said through My Holy Spirit that a revelation of My perfect Love for you will cast out all fear of death and fear of punishment.  That is because My Spirit reveals My true nature, which is Love.
       When a person comes to Me while still in the body, I receive that person with complete love and forgiveness.  Why would My children think that when their bodies die that I would judge them and condemn them, when I didn't do it when they came to Me while still in the flesh.
       I am unconditional Love.  I am unconditional peace.  I am unconditional forgiveness. 
       Only the spirit of religion whose father is the devil teaches that I am wrath.  Wrath comes from the devil in an effort to enslave you to fear, which separates you from My love because you are afraid to approach Me.
       Reject all teachings based on fear of Me.  They are from hell.
       Remember that I have not given you a Spirit of fear, but I have given you a Spirit of power, love and a sound mind.
       I am the Lover of your whole being, body, soul and spirit.  Rest in that revelation.  If you don't know that truth, pray that My Spirit will reveal My Love to you so that you will not be enslaved again by fear.
       Love, God
II Timothy 1:6-7; I John 3:8; Matthew 18;7-9; Matthew 23:37-38; Proverbs 10:12: Ephesians 2:4-6; I John 4:7-8; I John 4:18-John 3:16-17; Hebrews 2:14-15;

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