Friday, May 24, 2013


Dear One,
      Celebrations are proper and enjoyable for all kinds of things, births, deaths, marriages, necessary divorces, graduations, birthdays, enjoyable memories, reunions, etc.  Celebrations are a time of rejoicing and revisiting good times. 
      Celebrations are a timeof raising an individual to a place of honor above others for a short time.  It is an act of validation for some accomplishjent or to make the anniversary of an event. 
       Celebration is calling attention to a person who deserves the honor.
       Celebration is often honoring the existence or birth date of a person, even if the person is not deserving of the honor.  Being deserving of the honor and celebration does not enter into that occasion.  It is merely a family or friends setting aside some time to appreciate the life of the person.
        Celebrating is always a good thing because there is unity during those times of rejoicing.  There is unity of spirit and attitude which invites the attendance of my angels, all of the heavenly hosts and Me because of that unity.  We love to attend and join into the joyful attitudes of the celebration. 
         Remember that I said that when two or three are gathered together in My name, I am in their midst.  I am love.  So where people are gathered together in unity and love, yes, I am there.  I don't even need an invitation.
          I told you once before, I don't ever miss a family reunion.
        Love, God
Matthew 18:18-20;

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