Saturday, May 11, 2013


Dear One,
     Different things are important to different people  Treasures to one person might not be of any value to another person. Value is certainly in the eye of the beholder.
     Having a happy family might be the most important thing in the world to one person and that person might seek to produce a happy family all of his or her life.  To someone who already has a happy family, that person might take it for granted and might not consider a happy family a treasure.
     A secure financial future might be a treasure to someone who is in debt or has been in debt.  To a person who is frugal in spending and wise in financial matters, he or she  might not consider sound finances as a treasure.
     A person with no education might consider getting a degree a treasure and that person might seek a degree or multiple degrees in order to make him or her feel of value.  A person who already has degrees might not consider the degree as a way to measure his value.
     I said where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.  There are people who take their own lives if they do not have a happy family or if they are not secure financially or if they do not attain educational degrees.  Their hearts were broken because their treasures were never obtained.
     I taught through Jesus that if a person will seek Me and My kingdom, that everything will be added to him.  The treasure of that person is in intimately knowing Me and My beneficial ways of living in the earth. I can teach My children how to obtain every one of His desires because I designed the earth and I have the wisdom necessary to live a productive, happy life.
     A person who seeks Me and finds Me will realize that there are valuable benefits to knowing Me and having My Holy Spirit as his teacher.  That person will have joy, peace, stability in life, a happy family, financial prosperity and supernatural wisdom.  Yet, the person's treasure will not be in having those things, the treasure will be in knowing Me and receiving My unconditional love.
     A person who does not know Me and enjoy the benefits of being in my family will not consider knowing Me as a treasure and he or she will not consider a relationship with Me as a treasure.  That person will go through life never having his or her heart satisfied by having found the real treasure.  You must always be ready to tell people where your heart is and what is in your treasure, those being love, peace, joy goodness, kindness, faith, compassion, mercy and a sound mind, which are found in knowing Me.
     When a person's treasure is in seeking and knowing Me, there will his or heart be also. True and complete soul satisfaction comes from knowing Me, the Father of all mankind. 
     Love, God
Matthew 6:21; Matthew 6:33-34; John 16:13-15; Galatians 5:16-25;  II Peter 1:3-4.   
photo from Sapphires Moonbeams

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