Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Dear One,
      Let's talk again about the lessons in the story of Job.  The first lesson came from Job's own mouth.  He said that he feared that his children would sin, and what he feared came upon him.  Job had negative images in his mind of bad things happening and so the devil obliged him, bringing those things upon him.
      Let's talk again about the lessons taught by Jesus.  He said over and over again that a person's faith makes the person whole.  So the things for what a person has faith  come upon the person.  He told My children over and over again to have faith.  Faith is believing that what I said I will do, that I really will do them.
      Faith has power but fear also has power.
      Behind all obsessive negative mental images is the power to destroy you in some way.  You are believing that they will happen and so your faith in the negative images which are based on fear will come to reality because you have added the power necessary (belief) for them to happen.
       Behind all positive mental images is the believing power to create good things for you in some way.  You believe that they will happen, and so your faith in the positive images, which are based on believing My promises, will come to reality because you have added your faith power to my creative power, which is necessary for them to happen.
       Where there is no fear, there is no belief power to destroy the good things in your life. Faith is the belief power that allows Me to work in your behalf. 
     Faith is the permission that you give to Me to do My mighty works in your life.   I give you the gift of faith to believe but you must choose it. Meer belief in Me is a measure of faith.
       Fear is the believing power that allows the devil to work in your behalf.  The devil, himself, gives you the fear so that he can have permission, through your fear, to begin his assault on you.
       Abraham believed Me and it was credited to him as righteousness.  His belief is what allowed Me to make him the father of many nations even when his wife was past child bearing days.  His belief paved the way for Me to make My promise to him a reality.
       It is the same with you.  When you believe My promises to you, you give Me your permissive power to bring the promises into your life. 
       When you believe, through obsessive fear, that evil will happen in your life, you give permissive power to your spiritual enemy to accomplish the things for which you fear, making them part of your life.
       Minute by minute you are given the choice of reaping good or bad events in your life by choosing things on which you will allow into your thoughts, either thoughts of destruction or thoughts of My creative abilities.   I gave you the choice, hoping that you will always choose to meditate upon My positive thoughts and then inherit the blessings of My kingdom.
       Love, God
Job 3:25-26; Deuteronomy 11:26-28; Deuteronomy 30:19-20; Psalm 109:17; Matthew 5:44-48; Matthew 6:25-34; Philippians 4:6-9.


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