Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dear One,
     Paid in full.  People live to hear that said, whether paying off a home debt, a credit card debt, a car debt or a loan debt.  "Paid in full," is music to the ears of all people.  To be debt free is a life of freedom.
     That is what Jesus did when He died on the cross for the sins of the whole world, He paid off the debts for your sins, your iniquities, your trespasses, your abuses, your religious judgments, your condemnations, your lying, your stealing, your envying, your jealousy. Everything was paid in full as far as I am concerned.  He paid off the spiritual debts in full for all of humanity, the ones who lived before him and the ones who were to come afterwards.
      In exchange, Jesus made it possible for all of My children to receive My love, My mercy, My peace, My righteousness, My joy, My compassion, My goodness, My kindness, My faith and My patience because He defeated the father of evil, the devil. 
      I extend mercy to all humans because My seat of authority is the mercy seat, not a judgment seat. 
     My judgment upon the devil when I threw him out of my heavenly dimension was the end of My judgment.  That judgment upon him caused him to be determined  to increase his efforts to bring his judgment on My children. That is his mission to this day, to tempt My children into sins so that he can bring his destructive judgment upon My children.  He is the inheritor of My judgment.  My children are not. 
     The only judgment in which My children should participate is the discerning of spirits, which means to judge or discern from which kingdom their mental leadings come which call for either positive or negative thoughts, attitudes and actions.  My children must learn to judge all their thoughts, whether they are from Me, which lead to a peaceful life, or from the devil, which lead to a destructive life. 
     Other than that, My children must be like I am, void of all critical, self righteous judgment of people. 
     I instructed My children not to judge others, so why do people think that I am judgmental of them?  I wouldn't ask My children to do what I, Myself, do.  I do not judge My children.  Their own judgments judge them because when they sow judgment it causes them to be judged by others. 
     The devil temps My children to judge other people so that judgment will come upon them, causing them to receive the judgment that the devil received when he rebelled against Me, which was separation from Me.  My children only receive judgment when they yield to the temptations of the devil and judge others.  It is not My judgement.  It is the judgment of the devil.
    I am love.  I am goodness.  I am kindness.  I am patience.  I am mercy.  Any other description of Me is a lie perpetrated by the enemy of My children. 
    Seek the revelation of the depth, breadth, width and height of My love for you.  Then you will refuse all thoughts of judgment and you will not judge others.  Fear will be nonexistent in your life just like it is nonexistent in My heaven
    Love, God
Matthew 7:1-5; Exodus 25:22; Numbers 7:89; John 1:29; John 16:7-11; Romans 5:6-11; I Timothy 1:13-16; Ephesians 3;14-20.

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