Monday, May 20, 2013


Dear One,
     Has it occurred to you that when I told you to love your enemies that I was asking you to do what I do, love those who curse you and spitefully use you?   I would not tell you to do what I do not do Myself.
     Has it also every occurred to you that when I taught through Jesus that you should forgive those who oppose and offend you seven times seventy times in one day that I was telling you to do what was only humanly possible?  When I asked My children to forgive that many times in a day, I was also explaining to you that My willingness to forgive is many, many, many more times that because I am the Father of Forgiveness. 
     Consider how many times I have forgiven you in one day, forgiven you for judgmental thoughts, strife-filled words, lying, cheating, sarcasm, gossiping and other actions that might be normal activities of your day.  Freely you have received forgiveness, so you should freely forgive others.
     Forgiveness is the ultimate act of love because one of the attributes of unconditional  love is to never take into account a wrong suffered.  I do not have an account of your wrong actions so you should not make an account in your mind of the wrong actions of others.
     You can clear the emotional and spiritual accounts of others by forgiving them, thus blotting out the actions, making the actions  nonexistent just like I have blotted out the sins of the world through the sacrifice of Jesus.
     When you forgive another person, that act also blots out your own actions of judgment that you have made about the person which would have returned judgment to you because of the judgment seeds that were sown by you.  So your forgiveness not only blots out their sins against you but it also blots out your sin of judgment of the person.
       Everyone is freed when you forgive someone.  As far as I am concerned, the situation never happened.  When you truly forgive the other person, in your mind it never happened, either, and you are free.
       Freedom is sweet and savory.
       Love, God
Matthew 18;21-35; Matthew 6:12; John 1:29; Galatians 1:4-5; John 20:23; I Corinthians 13:4-7,

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