Friday, May 3, 2013


Dear One,
     To forgive means to release the person and an offense from your mind.  It means to give forward, releasing the thoughts from your mind and not allowing the offense to occupy your thoughts, causing you to obsess about it and relive it over and over, releasing toxic chemicals into your body.
     Forgiveness is an act of your will,  not an action of your emotions.  You don't have to feel any forgiveness at the time.  You just need to, as an act of your will, forgive the person, releasing the offense from your mind.  Forgiveness is for your mental and physical health as well as the offending person.
     Jesus said if you don't forgive others of their trespasses against you, that I cannot forgive your trespasses.  There is a reason for that.
     When you forgive or release a person and his trespasses from your mind, you are free of the judgment that you had sown by holding the event in your mind.  You have blotted it out as if it never existed.  So you are free from the torment the situation caused in your mind.
       If you do not forgive, you retain the person and the offense in your mind and you allow toxicity to poison your whole heing.   I cannot blot it out of your mind and remove the effects of the toxicity.  It has to be done by you because you have dominion over your mind.
       That's what Jesus meant when he said that I would not forgive you unless you forgive the other person, meaning that I cannot erase the event from your mind.  You are the only one who has the will to do it.
        My forgiveness is universal.  Jesus died for the sins of the whole world.  But releasing a person and yourself from the mental and physical effects of an offense against you has to come from you. Every sin and trespass is blotted out as far as I am concerned.  They only exist in the minds of My children if My children refuse to forgive.
        Remember that Jesus said whose sins you retain are retained and whose sins you remit are remittied or released.  That means that you have the power to release others from their offenses.  You also have the power to retain their offenses, keeping the offense fresh in your mind and then suffering the effects of the unforgiveness in your body.  Jesus already bore all offenses in His own body when He was crucified so the offense is already blotted out as far as I am concerned.  It only exists if you retain it in your mind.  If you do, then you have agreed to suffer the effects in your own body that comes from retaining the offense in your mind. You fight the same battle over and over again and your mind and body are injured again and again.
        My desire is that you will remit or release everyone from all offenses against you so that you will not suffer in your body from the emotional toxicity caused by the offense. It is impossible for Me to do something that I have given you the power to do, which is to forgive others so that the effects of the actions will not curse you with its mental and physical poison.
       I grieve for you when you do not forgive others because I know what will happen to your mind and body as a result of retaining those sins. 
     I gave you the key to My kingdom of having a sound mind.  One way is to always forgive others of their offenses against you.  When you keep your mind free from retaining the offenses of others, you keep your spirit, soul and body free from demonic contaminants. A sound mind is the result.
       Love, God
Matthew 6:12-15; Matthew 18:21-35;  John 20:22-23; II Timothy 1:7.     

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