Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Dear One,
     Love will always cast out fear.  Perfect love is the love that casts out fear.  A child who receives unconditional love from a parent does not fear the parent. The child also loves the parent with unconditional love.  
     When a person knows how much I love him or her and knows that My nature is love, then there is no obsession with the fear of being judged when the body dies.  When My children know that all of My wrath is reserved for the devil who tempts My children to engage in his behavior which brings destruction, then there is no fear of judgment.
     The only judgment that My children experience is the boomerang judgment that comes back onto My children when they judge others.  Their judgment of others is instigated by the devil who know that that  judgment results from the seeds of judgment which they sow, not from Me.  The origin of it is the devil.  That judgment comes while in the earth, not in My heaven.
      My children who intimately know Me know that what was taught to them by religion as the judgment seat is actually the mercy seat because I am mercy and forgiveness.  The price has been paid by Jesus for the sins of the whole world.
       I know that all sins, trespasses, iniquities and wrong doings are as a result of the temptations of the devil.  Why would I judge My child who was merely blind to the origin of the temptations?  I am love, not judgment.
      Read about Jesus and His ministry.  He is My perfect Son.  He never condemned anyone except the religious leaders who heaped more and more fear upon My children by condemning them for breaking religious laws.  Jesus did the opposite.  He loved and freed My children of the guilt and condemnation, just like I do.
     Full blown, complete revelation of My love will do away with all fear of judgment.  Love does not judge children.  Love guides and directs children away from the evil influences which will destroy them.
     I am love.  I am not judgment.
     Love, God
I John 2:1-12; I John 4:12-21; Matthew 7:1-5; John 12:47-50; I Corinthians 13: 4-7.
photo compliments of Sapphires Moonbeams  

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