Monday, May 27, 2013


Dear One,
     When someone opposes you, hurts you or  injures you in some way, always remember the key to My kingdom that relates to it, meaning that your battle is not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers of evil.   Also, when religion teaches you that I am vengeful against people who don't believe in Me or wrathful toward people who sin, consider that My battle is not with flesh and blood either, but it's with the evil spiritual beings who cause strife, those being demons.  I would not tell you not to fight against people if I myself battled against people.  I would be doing something myself that I asked you not to do.  That would be hypocritical. 
      There are times when you cannot control a situation that is full of strife, but you can change your attitude toward the people involved and you can change your reaction to the activity.
       My children want to change the circumstances or change the other people but My children should be changing their own reactions to the people and the circumstances.  Then the people and the circumstances will change in ration to how you have lovingly handled them.
        Everyone makes mistakes, missing the mark of perfection, including My children. 
It's how you go about fixing the mistakes and problems that matters in the long run.  Doing it in love and compassion with yourself and others will guarantee you a good result.  Doing in it anger and judgment of others will guarantee you a bad result for yourself and others.
       Judgment of others is always based in self righteousness, which will always boomerang back on you in judgment to the degree to which you judged.   That is a result of the theory of seeds sown.
       You are in control of your own emotions.   The people who do not control their emotions are always caught in snags which negatively affect their futures.  Change your reactions to stressful situations from strife filled emotions to love filled emotions and there will be no snags to bind you.  There will only be mercy and compassion returned to you, engulfing you in love.
        You can change your reactions.  I gave you free will to act in love and forgiveness every time.  I am not a hypocritical Father who is waiting to punish you all the time for every little infraction.  I AM LOVE, ready to forgive and restore you to Myself.  Do likewise with other people and you will be called My children.
        Love, God
Ephesians 6:12-18; Matthew 5:43-48; Matthew 7:1-3; Psalm 23:6; Galatians 6:7-10.      

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