Saturday, May 11, 2013


Dear One,                                                                 Happy Mother's Day
      I want you to always feel like I am coddling you, spoiling you with all the blessings that are coming your way. Those blessings are always yours, given to you when you became My child.  They are your inheritance, your rightful gifts.  You know that they are not deserved.  Gifts are not necessarily deserved, they are given because of the love of the giver for the recipient of the gifts.  In other words, they are freely given by Me.
      I want you to appropriate all of your gifts from Me to you just because of our Father/child relationship.  My desire, though, is that you lay aside anything that would cause your gifts to be blocked at the door to your earthly abode.  There can be things that block the gifts from being delivered.  Those things are not from My dimension.  They are from your dimension and they all stem from lack of love tfor others.
     I asked you to love others as your love yourself.  When you do love others in the same degree that you love yourself, you will be patient, kind, loving, a peacemaker, joyful and self sacrificing.  You will lay down your life for others.  Jesus laid his life down for you and you must lay down your prejudices, your condemnation of others, your judgment of others, your self absorption and your inclination to return evil for evil.
    When you fulfill what Jesus asked of you, which is to love others as you love yourself, you will find your gifts and blessings from Me overtaking you; in fact, you will be overcome by all of My blessings pouring into your life.
    Every human being has an inheritance from Me.  That inheritance has already been adjudicated and probated.  Their issuance has already happened.  Your walking in love is the final element which will guarantee the transfer of funds from heaven to you.
     Love attracts all good things to you.  Love especially attracts your blessings and your inheritance to you.
     Love, God
Matthew 5:5; Acts 20:32; Acts 26:18; Galatians 5:19-26; Mark 12:31; Romans 8:39.

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